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My mission is to fight for the people of Texas and to create a better and more sustainable future by tackling the most pressing issues facing our state.

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In the heart of Texas House District 115, amidst the bustling streets and quiet neighborhoods, lives Scarlett Cornwallis – a figure of resilience, empathy, and determination. Educated at Metropolitan State University and Texas A&M University, Scarlett's academic background laid the foundation for her multifaceted approach to public service. As a mother of five, Scarlett's days begin before sunrise and stretch well into the night. Amidst preparing breakfasts and navigating the daily school rush, her thoughts often linger on the broader issues affecting her family and community.

Scarlett's parents, like many elderly Texans, grapple with escalating prescription drug costs and rising healthcare costs. Witnessing their struggle, Scarlett's resolve to limit drug prices and ensure affordable healthcare for all only grows stronger, especially the elderly and those with chronic conditions. It's a personal battle, one that has become a cornerstone of her campaign.


In her community, Scarlett sees the challenges first-hand: working parents striving to make ends meet on stagnant wages, and small businesses struggling to thrive. Her commitment to increasing the minimum wage and protecting these local treasures is not just a campaign promise – it's a vow to her neighbors and friends.


Her children's safety is her top priority. The news of gun violence in schools and communities haunts her, fueling her advocacy for stricter common sense gun control measures to enhance public safety & prevent gun violence. She envisions a future where her children, and all children in HD115, can learn and grow in a safe environment.

Education is a topic of many dinner table discussions. Scarlett knows the value of a strong public education system and how it can uplift entire communities. She sees the challenges teachers face and is determined to ensure they receive the support and funding they need to nurture the next generation.

As she commutes through the district, Scarlett is all too aware of the pressing need for improved public transportation. Better infrastructure and expanded transit options are not just about convenience; they're about connecting communities, fostering growth, and reducing environmental impact.

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Scarlett’s passion for the environment comes naturally, living under the vast Texas sky. She dreams of a future where renewable energy and environmental protection are prioritized, ensuring a sustainable world for her children and generations to come.


Scarlett's experience as a Democratic Precinct Chair and her role during the COVID-19 crisis in managing equitable fund distribution have honed her leadership skills. Scarlett Cornwallis is more than a candidate; she is a reflection of the community she seeks to serve. Her life, intertwined with the lives of her fellow Texans, drives her pursuit of a better, fairer, and more prosperous future for all in HD115. Her commitment to creating a sustainable, safe, economically robust, and inclusive community is more than a political stance – it’s a reflection of her daily life, a testament to her readiness to serve in the Texas House.

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